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January 7, 2021

When vision and purpose work together, expect a masterpiece - Mahbub Dewan
Founder of D1 Architect & Associates

It is with great sadness that D1 Architect & Associates regret to inform that Mahbub Dewan, our founder and Principal Architect as well as dedicated member of AIA, has unfortunately passed away due to Covid-19 Pneumonia along with his wife, Afreen Dewan who was battling the same.

Mahbub began his Architecture journey 42 years ago as Asst. Professor at Dhaka BUET Architecture department. After higher studies in Belgium, he moved to Canada and then USA. Mahbub founded D1 Architect in 2008 in Dallas with fellow architects and built it into one of the most innovative and successful architectural design & construction firms in Texas and around.  His contagious smile and inescapable positive energy encompassed the epitome of what it means to be a phenomenal human being.

Nothing gave Mahbub more pleasure and excitement- with the exception of spending precious time with his family - than working and building D1 Architect to where it is today. He put his love and devotion alongside his wife to create something only one could dream of. He worked tirelessly to serve his clients with integrity, honesty and hard work. His clients  often referred to him as the "Einstein of Architecture".  No one knew how, but he would make the impossible happen.

What seemed to also make Mahbub stand out was his uncanny ability to vision what was invisible to others. With his impeccable vision, he designed several award winning projects including EPIC (East Plano Islamic Center).  He was a philanthropist and always found ways to give back to the community. With his love for teaching, he supported young talented designers, architects, engineers and promoted in-house research and entrepreneurship.

While no one person could ever replace the impact that Mahbub had on us all, we still want to ensure that his clients have a familiar face and an unparalleled experience to which they are accustomed. Mashrur Dewan, Mahbub's only son and right hand will continue to lead D1 Architect and Associates as their new President & Architect along with Mahbub's Daughter-In-Law, Mayeesa Noor Dewan, MBA,  Vice-President & Business Development. There is no better choice than Mahbub and Afreen's very own "gems" as they would call them to continue their legacy.

To honor Mahbub Dewan and Afreen Dewan, D1 Architect has partnered with BUET (Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology) to support young aspiring architects and engineers with scholarships, internships and jobs.

Extract from Mahbub's thesis paper, where it all begun.
August 24, 1985

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