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Mayeesa, a seasoned Business Development Professional with a distinguished background in tech and sales, serves as the Vice President at D1 Architect. Leveraging her extensive experience from renowned organizations like Syntax System Canada Ltd, Plan International Canada, CFSK Kenya, and Salesforce Software Inc in the USA, Mayeesa brings a unique blend of strategic vision and business acumen to her leadership role.

In addition to her wealth of professional experience, Mayeesa holds an Honours bachelor's degree in International Development from the University of Toronto, Canada, and an MBA in International Business from San Diego National University, USA, further enhancing her strategic and business acumen.

As VP, Mayeesa is the driving force behind comprehensive business development initiatives at D1Architect, steering the company's endeavors in architecture design and construction engineering. She plays a vital role in building and sustaining key client relationships, conducting meticulous market research and analysis, and providing strategic advisory services that align with the company's growth objectives.

Mayeesa's leadership is marked by a dynamic approach, where her tech-savvy sales prowess is coupled with a deep understanding of global development trends. Beyond her professional endeavors, Mayeesa is passionate about community philanthropy and sustainable environmental change. Whether through innovative architecture or her dedication to health and wellness, she actively contributes to making a positive impact on both communities and the environment. Her commitment to excellence and holistic well-being positions her as a key player in shaping D1Architect's strategic direction and fostering sustainable growth.





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