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Mashrur is a lead architect designer, bringing over 15 years of architectural experience to expertly manage the delivery of projects of varying sizes and scopes. His responsibilities encompass project design, development, and the meticulous preparation of detailed documents to accurately convey client needs. Holding both Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Architecture from Texas A&M University, USA,  Mashrur excels in guiding design efforts on large-scale, multidisciplinary projects, ensuring clients derive maximum value from their investments.

His extensive experience includes spearheading award-winning projects across diverse building types, such as government, corporate, higher education, commercial office, healthcare, science & technology, hospitality, civic & cultural, retail, and residential.

Mashrur garnered honorable mention as the winner of the "Love & Peace" Design for the Houzz Playhouse 2017 Design Competition, a remarkable achievement from among 160 entries. His playhouse design, executed in collaboration with Habitat for Humanity and Houzz, was implemented in four states, including San Francisco, contributing to organizations supporting children nationwide. He further received acclaim for his creativity and architectural contributions, earning him the prestigious 40 under 40 award.

Dedicated to developing tailored solutions for functional and creatively inspiring interiors, Mashrur consistently prioritizes delivering exceptional experiences for clients.


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